Safe Expanse provides therapy, counselling, coaching and programmes for children, teens and adults
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Issues we work with include emotional, behavioural and relationship challenges, trauma, motivation issues, stress management, parenting concerns

We use an integrated approach that is CUSTOMISED for our client’s needs and goals. We provide a safe space for healing, discovery, and exploration of the self.

Our methods are: trauma informed, emdr gestalt, cbt, sfbt, systemic structural family therapy expressive arts and play performance/life coaching enneagram coaching

Our Services

As a business geared towards promoting and nurturing mental wellness, we provide a range of services from therapy sessions to wellness workshops purposed to take care of your mind, body, and emotions.

$165 per hour
For 12 years old and above

We take an integrative and customized approach to address your current challenges through processing current and past experiences in order to support and nurture your potential towards your future goals.

$150 per 45 minutes
For 4-11 years old

Specialized, age-appropriate therapy to help your child navigate challenges in emotions, behaviours and relationships at home, in school or in other contexts. Includes parent consultation and parent-child sessions as necessary for the process.

$185 per hour
For 2 pax

We take a collaborative approach sensitive to each couple’s needs and goals to support and promote repair and growth in the relationship.

$225 per hour
For 3 pax and more

We take a hollistic and collaborative approach to address challenges in the family and promote growth and nurturance in the family unit.


Not sure what fits for you or have a question that is not listed? Speak to our friendly staff to find out more. This is a complimentary 15-min phone call to get the information you need for your next steps.

Bespoked Services

We customize services to build mental and relational wellness suited to your needs ranging from talks, workshops, crisis support to employee assistance programmes. Get in touch with us to let us know how we can support you!

Our Approach

We view the therapeutic journey as a process that looks into the areas of past experiences, current challenges as well as future hopes as appropriate to each unique client’s goals and concerns and customise our approach accordingly.

Through engaging in exploration and collaborative assessment with our clients, we are committed to supporting our clients to improve their overall well-being, discover their potential and thrive in daily living.


Some of our present struggles lead back to our past experiences. Therapy involves addressing past events that may have affected an individual’s current potential to thrive. Being equipped with knowledge in neuroscience and the workings of the human brain, we can help clients work out links between past experiences and present challenges and support clients to not only resolve their past, but also make changes in the present for improved well-being and reach their future potential.


We are equipped with relevant counselling approaches to help break down and analyze personal and contextual difficulties, we help clients improve mental, emotional, as well as relational wellness in the present. Our focus is not to give clients one-size-fits-all solutions, but to help them discover their own unique strengths and resources, that they can leverage to effect real changes that will last.


Learning to navigate an increasingly complex world is full of challenges can sometimes be daunting or even overwhelming. Together with our experienced therapists, we help individuals optimize their strengths to achieve their potential for a fulfilling and rewarding life. We view every individual as unique and worthy, and provide different perspectives to help them find their own path in life.

For Clients

Here at Safe Expanse, it is most important that the clients who enter the therapeutic relationship will experience having a safe space in which the “self” can be explored and expanded leading to a sense of greater flexibility and freedom to take actions that improves their quality of life. We also strongly believe in working with clients to build positive social connections in their lives to set them up for longer-term mental wellness beyond the therapy room.

For Professionals

Beyond working with clients, we are committed to providing a safe space and support social work practitioners to grow and develop their unique professional selves through personal therapy and/or clinical supervision. We have experience providing clinical and casework supervision for social workers in the Family Service setting.

What our clients say…

“Safe Expanse goes beyond standard therapy by incorporating emotional wellness coaching in their sessions. I was intrigued to have discovered behaviours, traits and patterns that were previously obscured to me through the sessions.My coach, Shan Yao, is well versed in retrospective inquiry, highly inquisitive and empathetic from multiple viewpoints. Above all, he truly listens. It’s a positive indicator when each session is concluded with better balanced perspectives and a hopeful outlook. Thank you coach!”

EL, 34

“Gladys has been an anchor in helping me manage my emotions. She has helped me for past 2 years to redirect my energy and emotions to make a much better decision and regrouping my thoughts. Her indirect ways of helping me to continuously be reflective has made me wanting to be a much better person from before.”

J, 33

“Gladys has been such a wonderful person throughout the difficult times. I am so glad to be able to speak with her, showing me directions and giving me the support I needed. Thank you, Gladys ❤ ”

T, 31

“Gladys has impacted my life in many ways, will forever be grateful for her attention for detail that’s been pivotal in my growth journey.”

R, 18

“Gladys has helped me to understand myself better & equipped me with the tools that I need to handle stressful situations.”

A, 30

“I have been taking counselling sessions with Gladys for about 2-3 months now. While I think there are still a lot of issues and concerns, I have been noticing a lot of improvements with how I deal with day to day matters.

Gladys has been very patient and empathetic. She has provided incredible support and help through such a difficult time in my life. The session were very beneficial and Gladys made me feel comfortable discussing anything that has been bothering me. She helped me see things in a different perspective.

I am thankful to Safe Expanse for all the help so far and I look forward to being able to continue journeying with Safe Expanse.”

H, 33

*Names have been changed for confidentiality reasons. 

About Safe Expanse

Expanse” has the meaning of both a vast space as well as the distance to which something expands to.

At Safe Expanse, it is our mission to provide a safe experience for our clients to expand their ability to connect with themselves and others, and in the process grow to experience more freedom and aliveness in their being.

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