Counselling & Therapy for Children

Modern life poses many challenges for children as they develop and grow. Experiences in childhood set the foundation of a child’s potential and capacity for learning, managing emotions and behaviours, physical and mental health and socialising with others. As their brains have not fully matured, children have not gained the full ability to understand or verbalise their experiences. More than verbal means, they often express their problems and needs through behaviours.

How therapy can help:

  • To provide a safe space for children to express themselves freely
  • To understand what are the needs children are communicating with their behaviours
  • To work with the children to express and respond to their needs and others more appropriately
  • To provide parents support to improve parent-child relationship and to feel more equipped to respond to their children’s difficult behaviours

Some symptomatic behaviours are:

  • Outbursts of emotion (i.e. anger)
  • Low mood and motivation
  • Hyperactivity
  • ‘Defiant’ behaviours
  • Sudden change in behaviours
  • Addiction to gaming
  • Physical pain or discomfort not related to any medical issues

    At Safe Expanse, we use play, art and other media to help children understand and express their own feelings and needs. We also believe in the importance of working with parents and other important adults in the child’s life in the process of helping the child thrive both at home and in school.

    Your journey to wellness begins here…

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