Our Therapist

Mr Stanley Soh


Stanley aims to help young people find meaning and purpose in their lives, and focuses on relationships and how it builds a strong foundation for healthy living. He draws on his extensive working experience to help working adults find balance between their careers and personal/family lives, and to build healthy and meaningful relationships.

Stanley provides mentoring and counselling services to various organizations, and volunteers actively to support the mental health and wellbeing of youths in Singapore. Previously a senior executive with a proven track record of large-scale transformation projects and regional managerial skills, Stanley has corporate experience managing >150 regional staff and large scale transformation and change projects. Stanley is also a trained marriage mentor and seeks to help couples find meaningful and fulfilling marriage life.


  • Person-Centered Therapy
  • Choice Theory Reality Therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioural and Solution-Focused Approaches

My approach to therapy is to help every individual find the resources to not only overcome their present challenges, but also to build their strengths and capabilities that will serve them in the future. In therapy, I help my clients understand and accept where and what they are, work with them as a fellow traveller in the path of life to chart their course to the destination they seek.

Master of Counselling with Flinders University, Australia
Choice Theory Reality Therapy and Lead Management Basic Intensive Training with William Glasser International
Health Coaching for Older Adults with National Technological University, Singapore (NTU)

What our clients say…

“Safe Expanse goes beyond standard therapy by incorporating emotional wellness coaching in their sessions. I was intrigued to have discovered behaviours, traits and patterns that were previously obscured to me through the sessions.My coach, Shan Yao, is well versed in retrospective inquiry, highly inquisitive and empathetic from multiple viewpoints. Above all, he truly listens. It’s a positive indicator when each session is concluded with better balanced perspectives and a hopeful outlook. Thank you coach!”

EL, 34

“Gladys has been an anchor in helping me manage my emotions. She has helped me for past 2 years to redirect my energy and emotions to make a much better decision and regrouping my thoughts. Her indirect ways of helping me to continuously be reflective has made me wanting to be a much better person from before.”

J, 33

“Gladys has been such a wonderful person throughout the difficult times. I am so glad to be able to speak with her, showing me directions and giving me the support I needed. Thank you, Gladys ❤ ”

T, 31

“Gladys has impacted my life in many ways, will forever be grateful for her attention for detail that’s been pivotal in my growth journey.”

R, 18

“Gladys has helped me to understand myself better & equipped me with the tools that I need to handle stressful situations.”

A, 30

“I have been taking counselling sessions with Gladys for about 2-3 months now. While I think there are still a lot of issues and concerns, I have been noticing a lot of improvements with how I deal with day to day matters.

Gladys has been very patient and empathetic. She has provided incredible support and help through such a difficult time in my life. The session were very beneficial and Gladys made me feel comfortable discussing anything that has been bothering me. She helped me see things in a different perspective.

I am thankful to Safe Expanse for all the help so far and I look forward to being able to continue journeying with Safe Expanse.”

H, 33

Your journey to wellness begins here…

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