“We are all Attached!” Mental Wellness Talk @ SUSS

Aug 2023 | events, mental wellness

Safe Expanse was privileged to conduct a workshop titled “We Are All Attached!” on 25 Oct 2022 for SUSS Our Well-being Listeners (@suss.owls), focusing on attachment theory and how it impacts our selfhood, interpersonal relationships and in turn, our mental wellness. We are glad that more than 25 participants joined in this time of self-discovery and growth facilitated through knowledge sharing, as well as reflective and expressive activities using drawing and clay!

This workshop aims to create a guided, reflective space for participants to consider their own attachment styles and how it impacts their daily decisions and wellbeing. By learning the concepts of attachment theory which underlies our sense of self and our relationships with others, and exploring our own strategies to meet our attachment needs, participants can expect to gain greater self-awareness to better manage their own mental wellbeing as well as their relationships with others, and also learn about how they can support and journey with those around them who are in need.

Thankful for such an opportunity to share and promote awareness on a topic which underscores much of Safe Expanse’s direct work with clients in the mental wellness field!