Solace Saturday by Tryve (28 Oct 2023)

Oct 2023 | events, mental wellness

Embracing a refreshing break from our usual Saturday routine, we were cordially invited to partake in “Solace Saturday,” an event meticulously organized by Tryve. Our morning was thoughtfully curated with a series of immersive practices designed to foster inner peace. Tryve is dedicated to the continual enhancement of mental well-being in individuals, while fervently striving to cultivate a community focused on wellness.

Safe Expanse had the distinct honour of being included in a panel discussion, where we delved into the fundamentals of counselling and therapy. Sharing this illuminating platform were Jessica Zhuo, a life coach and counsellor, and Shan Yao, our therapist. Guiding us through this insightful conversation was Tiffany Choo, our moderator representing Tryve. Together, we explored vital questions surrounding what to anticipate during a therapy session and when one should consider counselling support. This segment of the event undoubtedly proved to be a wellspring of wisdom, and we trust that the participants reaped immense benefits from our collective insights.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Tryve for affording us the privilege to join them in championing wellness through this event. We are hopeful that the seeds of well-being sown today will flourish, enabling individuals to thrive and find solace through their active engagement in the pursuit of wellness.